Week 13 Reflections

Time really flies. It’s week 13 already and CS3216 will be over in a week or 2. During lecture, it was re-iterated that this course trains us more on soft-skills. To be honest, I did not join to be able to talk to people nor be able to lead a startup with great ideas. I have concluded over the past few years that even though my technical skills/breadth of knowledge of the technologies out there may be inferior to many fellow students in this course, my human aspect is even worse to the extent that it is beyond saving. I came in with the aim of improving technical skills(both front and back ends) and being better than everyone else but things had to go totally the other way round. Being constantly reminded by reality that the title of “God” is unattainable makes me feel like I have wasted so much time chasing after technical superiority. After going through this course and the final project, I am not sure which direction I want to head towards anymore.

Bad things aside, I think my biggest harvest from this course is being confident enough to implement basic(not guaranteed nice-looking) UI functionalities and also realising how fast-paced working like a startup can be when trying to churn out prototypes quickly for user testing and feedback. I certainly wished my experience in this course could have been much better and I pray hard A- is still attainable even after a few hard falls…


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