Week 12 Reflections

Yet another long overdue post.

This week was not very kind for me… First, somehow during presentation of our progress report, the app somehow came across to everyone as just a chat app instead of a tool to help with travel planning. Well, at least better now than later. Following this(which costed us too much of presentation marks), we have decided to focus more on the timeline view of the itinerary items for a trip. The current version of the itinerary viewer is still far from ideal in my opinion(can’t be helped, not much time left). What I had in mind(yet to share with the group) was to be able to drag and drop items on the timeline as some form of “shopping cart” before checking out everything in the timeline under 1 payment. This seemed daunting as none of us have experience in doing something like this and thus will take a long time to perfect it.

This module has put me under too much of a stress as I now struggle to find time to catch up/start on projects for other modules or even to find time to start revision for upcoming tests(week 13). I really look forward to the end of all these. Things have turned out totally against what I wanted in the beginning.



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