Week 9 Reflections

The week started off with Cheryl from Cyan Communications giving a talk on how to talk to people(iirc). As a founder/co-founder of a startup, it is indeed important to be prepared to make yourself contactable to others at all time through namecards etc. Attending networking events like conferences lets you know about the many fellow startups in the industry and hopefully some of them may present themselves as opportunities in the future. The most important takeaway is the one that is the hardest to walk the talk: talking to the people out there, asking people who are complete strangers to you to try out your product or for their opinions of your product or the market.

Honestly, it is near impossible for me to engage in a decently-long-live conversations even with acquantainces. The only things I ever talk about are code, server administration and Linux(not that I am that good at all these though). Seriously, no layman, not even many computing students, would even know, let alone care about these things. Anything else, I know next to nothing to even talk about them.

It’s not like I have never thought of doing startup. That was when I was still serving NS. Eventually I realised it is not as simplistic as it seemed to me initially. I was simply not prepared to pitch to investors for funding, approach people to get them onboard the app etc. The killer factor for me was: no creative idea that can distinguish itself from the rest of the market. I dropped my double-degree with business after 1 semester despite high CAP because I could not stand the thought of having to win in debates against people with the gift-of-the-tongue when it comes to class participation.

Back to final project progress, progress has been slow for me in the past week as I overcomplicated the front end requirements for Facebook login in that I try to handle ALL possible cases that cause login check logic to fail, as well as eliminate latency in fetching Facebook SDK(which is impossible) that caused the app to conclude that the user is not logged in when this is not the case. Eventually, I was convinced that the login session via Facebook should not be tied to the user’s Facebook session at all. This helped simplify my case a lot, though there are still a few minor problems with sessions that need to be fixed.

Some of the basic functionalities got wired up with the back end over the weekend, which I felt was good enough a progress, though I wonder how we fare compared to other teams in terms of progress.


One thought on “Week 9 Reflections

  1. Being able to talk about other things is just a matter of reading about other things. That’s why I’m good at talking about almost any crap 🙂

    That said, take heart. Talking to strangers is hard for anyone, but as with all things, you get much better with practice.


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