Week 8 Reflections

The pace of the final project has started to pick up. The past week was mainly setting up the Ionic project and working on some parts of the HTML mockup.

Being new to Ionic and Gulp, a lot of time was spent figuring out the purpose of the directory structure and setting up automated tasks that run as the code files change. With regards to directory structure, it was created by the CLI tool like this for a reason, and I only realised it after searching online for answers to why none of the bower components are rendered when app is deployed as native mobile app. Turns out it is not just the result of best practices but also where does the CLI tool look into when packaging files into APK. Gulp and automated tasks are a contention for dispute. For a web app, I love to have the final version minified and compressed to reduce latency and bandwidth consumption, but setting up such tasks in the early phase makes me viewed as doing premature optimization and software engineering purists hate that. While I know that this should be left to be done when close to release(maybe before STePs), the harsh truth is that when the time comes, everyone will be so engrossed with adding in final touches to the project or fixing last minute bugs that no one actually bothers with it. Thankfully, someone came up with a non-minified task to help the rest of us debug better during development. This allowed me to run my minifier whenever I want to test the app on my mobile as it would not affect the rest of the team’s code since the changes are not committed.

Project-wise, while some of the pages were ok with the external party, there are many more that have yet to be done as some of the pages were not what they wanted and rework needs to be done when they send us the layout. I hope these would arrive soon as getting a fully working UI up and integrating with the back end takes considerable amount of time and I do not wish to sacrifice my other modules any more.


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