Week 7 Reflections

This week in short: mostly a breather from CS3216 after 2 gruelling assignments.

App idea was a massive headache for us until we managed to get an external party project. Being a team of only developers, with no creative person or someone with business sense, it is just so difficult to come up with an idea that will not get shot down badly by the teaching staff nor get a low score for any component. I came in with the objective of improving implementation skills, as well as problem-solving(tech and implementation problems) in context of real-world app development. It will be great if I can ignore the human aspects totally(yea I know the real-world is not like that, too cruel).

This week’s talk by GrabTaxi served well as a reminder for some of us who aspire to start a startup in the future. For the tech part of the talk, it has been a few days since the talk so I have forgotten almost all of it XP, but the 2 main takeaways I got from the talk regarding startups were: pick a problem that you really care about, and you need luck.

Well, both points are not applicable to me anyway. First, too apathetic that I don;t have any such problem to care about. Second, fate always play adversary for me. So the conclusion is that I cannot found any successful startup.

Moving on to final project, one of the tasks given by the external party was to do Open Graph meta data scraping. It seemed easy at the start until I realised security policies made it so difficult that I have yet to find a feasible solution(How did Facebook do that?). Implementing on front-end has the CORS problem as not all web servers support CORS. Implementing on server side results in a weird workflow: client sends AJAX to server, server sends asynchronous request to the given URL. So the question is: does the promise object returned to the client get updated when the server side receives data from the source? It’s just so hard to put these into words to enter in Google search so I decided to post it here, hoping it gets answered…


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